Korean Lore Inspired Campaign Setting

The Koryo Hall of Adventures is a complete fantasy campaign setting deeply inspired by the richness and beauty of Korean culture and history.

Set 300 years into the Third Age of Iseung, the material plane, you will find yourself in Jeosung, the continent still emerging from the ashes of the Winds of Darkness, a time when dark creatures roamed the lands under the leadership of the Dokkaebis. It is just after the retaking of the lands that the Koryo Hall of Adventures, also known as The Hall, was created. It served a single purpose: to protect the common people and clean the lands from evil creatures.

Add-Ons And Adventures

Following the publication of the Koryo Hall of Adventures campaign setting book, I have developed a collection of add-ons that provide details about races and classes specific to the realm of Jeosung, as well as a themed character sheet, an OSR conversions document and an adventure to get new players started in this world.

The Koryo Hall of Adventures
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Online Entries

I also write playing aids, world-building articles, and essays about the inner workings of Jeosung on my blog. You can find the latest entries below, or the full board of publications in the main menu of this site under the Koryo Hall of Adventures top menu.