Tripitaka: The Living Message

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Tripitaka: The Living Message is a 13 episodes documentary series that looks at the way modern buddhist associations and monks continue to carry the message of this ancient writing.


During its 2,500 years of existence, Buddhism has grown to be incredibly varied, yet beautifully linked no matter where it has taken root. From the forest-dwelling monks of Thailand to the elusive relics from the Gadhara kingdom in northeastern Afghanistan, Buddha’s influence is felt across cultures and time, his Living Messages flowing through the course of everyday life. The worship and principles may be different, but the dharma remains the same. Each of these 13 episodes explores another culture and place where Buddhism has found a following, whether in present day or the past. They explore how each culture adapts and interprets Lord Buddha’s teachings, and even how the religion’s philosophies shape the politics and foreign policies of nations. Buddhism’s prominence has experienced highs and lows, like a river, but it remains strong today, now more than ever finding its place in almost every corner of the globe.

I was the local producer for the Korea Temple Food episode, liaising between the Thailand production staff and the local buddhist associations and temples. I was in charge of finding temples in Korea that have a strong culture of temple food, not only making it but also teaching it both within the temple and to the wider population. I secured shooting locations and guests, and handled the local production schedule and shooting with the Thailand team.

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Seoul, South Korea