Teenie Scouts BigFive

Key Roles

Show Concept

Big Five is a group of rescue toys living in a Kid’s Play Café, where kids come to play with toys during the day. However, when all the kids go home, and the café closes, the toys come to life and begin their daily lives. When a toy is in trouble, Big Five is always there to save the day.

I wrote multiple episodes for the second season of the show.

Episodes Trailers

Target Audience: Pre-schoolers; Episodes Length: 11 min; Number of episodes written: 9

A Game of Shadows – s02ep11

When the toys discover the magic of shadow play, they try to take Pr. Octopus’ tent sheet to use as a screen for their own shadow theater, but accidentally start-off a powerful vacuum device called the sucky-up-a-tron. The Big 5 must intervene to make sure no one gets hurt.

So Close To The Finish Line – s02ep13

When the mice find them find themselves on a tight race to see which one is the fastest, a strange object falls on the track and traps them while they are speeding away. Time for the Big Five to save the day.

The Great De-TEG-Tive – s02ep14

Teg has always dreamed to become a great detective. It seems that thanks to all of his friends, the day has finally come.

A Tower of Books – s02ep15

All the toys are having fun making towers with all the books in the reading room, but when they start to jump from one tower to another, the Big Five must intervene to avoid the worst.

Door To Another World – s02ep26

Dinky is looking for a new place to discover but the toys must stay in the kids cafe. Seeing how sad he is, all the toys gather to make up a magical place for Dinky to discover.