Teenie Scouts BigFive (2021)

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2021 (Aired)

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Big Five

Show Concept

Big Five is a group of rescue toys living in a Kid’s Play Café, where kids come to play with toys during the day. However, when all the kids go home, and the café closes, the toys come to life and begin their daily lives. When a toy is in trouble, Big Five is always there to save the day.


Target Audience: Pre-schoolers
Episodes Length: 11 min
Number of episodes written: 9

Episodes Trailers

A Game of Shadows – s02ep11

When the toys discover the magic of shadow play, they try to take Pr. Octopus’ tent sheet to use as a screen for their own shadow theater, but accidentally start-off a powerful vacuum device called the sucky-up-a-tron. The Big 5 must intervene to make sure no one gets hurt.