Mansudae Masterclass

Key Roles


‘Mansudae Masterclass is about a journey to search for North Korean art business by building memorial monuments, statues, and architectures in 8 different African countries. In this film, we mainly focus on three different countries, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Senegal, where North Korea has made money since the 2000s. Also, we have recorded the other statues, monuments, and buildings built by North Korea in Congo, Sudan, Madagascar, Gabon and so on. This monument is not just a type of structure to memorize past age because the dictatorial personality displays an obsessive fascination. As a product of social history, monuments cause conflicts with local people religiously, economically, and artistically.

I was the production manager on this documentary for the second half of the shoot. I found the interviewees and organized the interviews as well all traveling logistics for the crew over 5 different countries: Tanzania, Namibia, South Africa, Madagascar and Senegal.