Adventurer’s Guide to Jeosung

Key Roles


The Koryo Hall of Adventures is a complete fantasy campaign setting deeply inspired by the richness and beauty of Korean culture and history. Set 300 years into the Third Age of Iseung, the material plane, you will find yourself in Jeosung, the continent still emerging from the ashes of the Winds of Darkness, a time when dark creatures roamed the lands under the leadership of the Dokkaebis. It is just after the retaking of the lands that the Koryo Hall of Adventures, also known as The Hall, was created. It served a single purpose: to protect the common people and clean the lands from evil creatures. As time passed and the world slowly became a safer place to live, the Hall had to find a long lasting purpose, and turned itself into a guild of sorts where anyone can go to find jobs and sometimes glory. This campaign setting is written with the Koryo Hall of Adventure as a point of entry into this world for all adventurers.

I developed, wrote, hired talents, designed and published this book following a successful kickstarter campaign that raised 50,000 USD in 2019. Following the publication of this book, I also published additional material related to the same world, most of which can be found in this portfolio or by clicking the button below.


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