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A New Website… Again!

Since I re-launched my WordPress blog a few months back, I felt at odds with my online presence and couldn’t really spend much time focusing on content. It seems that over the past few years, I developed a body of work that wasn’t represented by my blog at all. I also felt restricted by the limited ways for me to publish my own content.

I have been with Squarespace for a year now with the AJP Productions’ website. It has been a breeze following my many issues with web hosting companies but also with self-hosted WordPress platform. Squarespace, although currently with limited templates, is so easy to use and to keep up to date that it puts content and ideas at the center of web design. It is also fully under Squarespace’s responsibility so I do not have to care about security and invasion related issues as they take care of all of that. It finally became clear that if I wanted to have a complete portfolio website that I could update regularly, use as a stylish and personal blog, then Squarespace was the way to go.

So here it is. It is a full website about me, it’s self-promoting, it’s personal but in the end, it’s me and it shows you who you will work with if we ever end up working together.

You will find my work as a writer, which I will publish little by little on the blog side of the site, my work as a Director and a producer, radio person and the workshops I organize. I also listed my achievements in the About page and finally, you can download the adventures I wrote and will continue to write for the Hall of Adventures campaign setting for the Dungeons and Dragons RPG.

So here you are and I hope you’ll see something you like. Feel free to contact me if you have any inquiries and let me know if there is anything I can do better because in the end, I am pursuing a lifelong career of self-improvement, may it be in my work, in my life or in the crazy pictures I decided to take for this website.

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