Molago Webtoon – Prologue

I like to experiment with different media and I tried the webtoon medium a couple of years back as it is very popular here in South Korea. This is the prologue.


Short Story – No One Would Know

I wrote this short story about 10 years ago for an ecology science fiction competition. I didn't make it in but I quite liked the idea of an ecology based society growing from the ashes of an industrial society. I may explore that again in the future.


Short Story: If I lie Here

I wrote this story about 10 years ago after hearing the song Chasing Cars by Snow Patrols. It made wonder about the possibility of a character being so disconnected with other people that if he/she decided to lie down and die, maybe no one will really notice.


A New Website… Again!

Since I re-launched my Wordpress blog a few months back, I felt at odds with my online presence and couldn’t really spend much time focusing on content.

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