Shamanic Dance – Koryo Hall of Adventures

Shamanic Dance – Koryo Hall of Adventures

Time has come for a small update on the development of the Koryo Hall of Adventures campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. For those of you unfamiliar with this setting, you can check out the first 4 adventures I wrote to introduce it: A Ghost by The River, Dark Mist Over the Mountain, The Burning Jewel and The Cave.

Recently, I have been working with an illustrator to get some concept art for the book. First, we developed the look of the Hall but that will be revealed later during the Kickstarted funding. First, let me show you what will be an important part of the setting: Shamans.

In the Koryo Hall of Adventures campaign setting, there are no gods, instead, the realm is populated with spirits both good and evil. Shamans will be the vehicles to communicate with the spirits. To illustrate that, here is a Shaman performing a night shamanic dance to invoke spirits.

In the future, I will show you more illustrations about spirits and guardians, and I will tell you more about their purpose in this world. In the meantime, I am currently working on the latest adventure that I wish to publish before launching the Kickstarter campaign for the book. This is a very special one as it will take advantage of the Negative Repute system. Assassination anyone?

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